In all process of obtaining of the oil, the best hygienic conditions are guaranteed, since the olive, its entrance in the factory is put under in the first place the cleaning and automatic washing, happening next to the phase of crushed and later extraction in would scheme of stainless steel.

The oil is obtained by the most modern methods with machinery of the ecological continuous system to two phases. To emphasize our commitment of respect and conservation with the environment, thus we counted in our facilities with machinery for the separation of the bone of the olive, obtaining in this way another component: the bone (combustible ecological), used, nowadays, for the provision of heating systems; and taking advantage of this fuel for our own self-supplying, as well as for its sale to individuals.

The process of creation of the oil begins in the field, with the culture and the collection of the olives. The common objective of all is to obtain the best end item, through a very strict control of the quality.

The fruit of the olive tree is the olive (Swells European) and of her the olive oil is extracted. The percentage of this fruit at the time of the harvesting can be different, following the variety of olives, of the type of ground, the meteorological conditionses of every year, of the form of culture, the date of harvesting. On the average, the olives take in their composition:

TAll the varieties of olives produce excellent virgin oils, each with their particular characteristics, as long as the fruit is healthy, mill the same day of the harvesting and the oil is stored of suitable form.
It is fundamental to obtain a quality oil to collect at the time optimal olive of maturation, when the majority is changing of color (envero), as soon as they are green olives and some are completely mature.

The ideal method of harvesting is the milking, by hand or with scrapers. Most important it is not to damage the olive and to transport it to the oil mill as rapidly as possible, so that the fruit is not deteriorated. The olive is due to mill in the day of its harvesting, since to the being a fruit with vegetal water that ferments and oil that oxidizes, the time of storage aggravates the quality of the end item. The first zone that takes part in the obtaining of the oil is the one of reception, in this one will exist several hoppers where the olives gathered following the origin will be deposited of these, can be found hoppers destined to different qualities from olive.

In the oil mills the olives are cleaned and they are washed, in the zone of cleaning they exist powerful turbines that eliminate the leaves mainly and branches that accompany the olive; during the washing the stones are eliminated and the mud adhered to the fruit, thanks to a hydraulic tank and a system of sieves, the once clean olive deposits in another hopper, the one of pesaje, at the same time as, randomly, a mechanical device is picking up samples of the product to put under it analyzes that will determine their quality and its wealth approximated in oil.

In the oil mill the following processes are realized of mechanical form: milling, the pressing and the movement.

      Process of manufacture:

The temperature of tasting of the olive oil is of 28°C. It is the temperature that allows the volatileness of aromatic compounds in a dense and greasy liquid.

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